Aposelemis Dam

Project title:  Assignment of duties of technical consultant for assisting D6 department with the elaboration of the final design of the main water supply pipe from the water treatment installations (Aposelemi) to Heraklio as well as the drawing up of bidding documents for the main water supply pipe to Heraklio and Agios Nicolaos and the management of the above sub projects of the project: “Supply of water to Heraklio and Agios Nicolaos from Aposelemis Dam – 2nd technical consultant’’

Project owner / Employer: Ministry of Environment, Land Planning and Public Works

Kind of services: Technical consultant

Duration: 2003 – 2007

Object of supply of services:  the services of the technical consultant comprised mainly the supply of consultant’s services during the construction of the dam and the elaboration of the designs of the dam and appurtenances, filters, hydrogeological and hydrological studies, etc. and the supply of services for supporting the project owner by drawing up the relevant progress reports and forms for the administrative authority

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