I.T. Centre at Gerakas

Project title:  Supervision of the electromechanical installations of the new I.T. Center of the National Bank of Greece, at Gerakas Attikis

Project owner / Employer: National Bank of Greece

Kind of services: supervision and acceptance of the project

Duration: 2006 – 2007

Object of supply of services:  The scope of the project was the supervision and commission of the E/M installations of the project “new data processing center of National Bank of Greece at Geraka, Attiki”, until its final acceptance, that is :

Supervision of the project: It comprises the responsible monitoring of the works being executed according to the approved application design, the issue of full instructions, and the work of minor modifications to the initial design and generally the care for contractor’s compliance with his contractual obligations and the safeguarding of employer’s interests.

Commission of the project: It comprises the participation in the procedures of the committees of the temporary and final acceptance of the project and the drawing up of the relevant recommendations, in accordance with the bank’s instructions

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