Olympic Supply Center at Thriassio Pedio

Project title:  Assignment of special technical consultant’s duties for assisting GAIA OSE SA and OSE SA with the elaboration of studies of electromechanical installations and supervision of construction for housing the Olympic Supply Center and the relocation of OSE’s Piraeus workshop at Thriassio Pedio

Project owner / Employer: GAIA OSE S.A – OSE S.A

Kind of services: Final Design / Technical Consultant

Duration: 2003 – 2004

Object of supply of services:  Τhe scope of the project was the construction of the building facilities and the facilities of the surrounding area for the new rolling stock repair and maintenance workshop of OSE at Thriasio Pedio, which temporally, would be used as warehouses by OEOA – ATHENS 2004 in order to cover the storing needs of the Olympic Games of 2004 in Athens. The project was completed in two main stages:

  1. Building facilities construction in order to be used as warehouses by the organizing committee of the Olympic Games (building construction, of total area 33.379 m2, building construction, of total area 16.309 m2, formation of the surrounding area, about 62.000m2)
  2. Reformation of the electromechanical installations and rearrangement of the spaces for the relocation of OSE’s piraeus workshop in Thriassion Pedio

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