Ionia Odos Motorway

Project title:  Electro-mechanical installation design services required for the design and construction of the concession project “Ionia Odos Motorway from Antirrio to Ioannina”

Project owner / Employer: J/V euro ιονια

Kind of services: Detail design

Duration: 6/2007 – Today

Object of supply of services:  The project refers to the Ionia Odos motorway, which connects Antirrio with Ioannina, sections Athens (Metamorphosis I/C) to Maliakos (Skarfeia) and connection branch from Shimatari to Chalkida and it belongs to the main suburban road network of western Greece. It includes several cut-and-cover tunnels, intersections and service buildings (toll stations, parking buildings, maintenance buildings). The scope of the project is the elaboration of E/M installations designs of the tunnels, road lighting, including the voltage transformation configurations and service buildings

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