Agios Ioannis Rendis Electric Locomotives’ Depot

Project title:  Final design of the new Agios Ioannis Rendis electric locomotives’ depot

Project owner / Employer: ERGA OSE SA

Kind of services: Basic design – Final design – Tender documents

Duration: 2003 – 2005 / 2007-2009

Object of supply of services:  The scope of the project was the elaboration of the electromechanical installation designs of the buildings which are necessary for the support of Athens Suburban Railway. More specifically, for the operation of the Depot there are required the construction of an electric locomotive depot building, with an accompanying office building, one under floor lathe, the train stabling shed, the internal cleaning bay, the shed of the train external washing, a pedestrian crossing for communication between both sides of the stabling shed, in the form of a foot – bridge or of an underpass and one small auxiliary functions building

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