Hellenic Railway Organization Rolling Stock Repair & Maintenance Plant at Thriasio Pedio

Project title:  Operational and E/M installations study of the 1st stage of the completion of the maintenance buildings for general repair services on railway equipment at Thriassio field

Project owner / Employer: Hellenic Railway Organization S.A.

Kind of services: Master Plan design – Operational Design – Complete E/M installations Design and Tender Documents

Duration: 2005 – 2009

Object of supply of services:

Elaboration of master plan – equipment and functional study of the central Thriassio rolling stock repair and maintenance plant, of the metal constructions department and the storehouses

E/M designs of the installations of the surrounding area and small buildings

Designs of special installations of the surrounding area (conveyor slabs, traveling cranes, luboil and diesel oil feeding installations, test plants, signaling installations, electro motion installation etc)

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