SKA – KIATO Railway line

Project title:  Assignment of consultant’s duties for assisting ERGA OSE SA to complete the tender documents for the construction of the project “Construction of the line, the signaling, telecommunication and telecommand networks for the new high speed railway line SKA – Kiato, electrification works for the section SKA – Thriassio and security works for the section Elefsina – Kiato including the tunnels E/M installations”

Project owner / Employer: ERGA OSE S.A.

Kind of services: Technical Consultant

Duration: 7/2002 – 9/2002

Object of supply of services:  The scope of the project was the supply of technical support (editing the tender documents) for the completion of the works regarding the operation of the new high speed railway line Athens – Corinth – Kiato, Km 20+620 to Km 123+911. More specifically, the abovementioned works included:

  1. Line construction works and other technical works at the greater area of the project
  2. E/M installations of the tunnels of Trikerato, Kakia Skala and Ag. Theodoroi
  3. Works for line security during its operation
  4. Signaling – Telecommunication works

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